Skybar Construction is a provider of high quality vinyl windows & doors for residential and commercial use. Our products have a transferable lifetime warranty and includes dual pane windows and doors that are AAMA, and NFRC approved. We offer a variety of window styles to suit your needs. Pick your window style and then your window frame to create the perfect look in your home or building. We have an extensive selection of colors to choose from or we can color match for a custom look. All of our windows are assembled with heavy duty hinges and arms. These are extremely durable and make opening & closing windows a breeze. Our windows are made to order and in any quantity you need and can custom make windows for commercial, or residential uses. Whether this is a new construction job or replacement windows, we have you covered!


Vinyl window frames are usually made of polyvinyl chloride (PVC) with ultraviolet light (UV) stabilizers to keep sunlight from breaking down the material. Vinyl window frames do not require painting and have good moisture resistance. The hollow cavities of vinyl frames can be filled with insulation, which makes them thermally superior to standard vinyl and wood frames.

Durable Against the Elements – Vinyl windows from manufacturers are designed to meet thermal and solar requirements.. In addition, vinyl windows are virtually maintenance-free and do not require painting or staining. Vinyl windows are known to be dependable and avoid peeling, cracking, warping, and fading. With basic maintenance, new vinyl windows will last for years.

Energy efficient – Vinyl windows offer superior thermal protection and are tested with thermal simulations by manufacturers. Vinyl windows are known to be energy efficient with great upgrades like multiple panes of glass, low-e coating, and insulation.

Low environmental impact – Vinyl windows are a very environmentally friendly window choice because they are recyclable!

Customizable – Vinyl windows are offered in a variety of color options and design choices to match any home style. Varies depending on style.

Flexibility – Vinyl windows are offered in a variety of shapes and options. Fixed panes, special shapes, and standard window selections are available.

Affordability – Vinyl windows are among the most cost effective form of replacement windows on the market.

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